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Service Technician Performance

Improving Service Technician Performance


Technicians, vital to your success, are often treated as “human punching bags,” taking hits for the sales team and owners.  While they love to fix products or make things right and please clients, they generally hate to do paperwork, and are often the first to blame the “parts person” for ordering the wrong part, or the vendor for shipping a damaged part.  They think their schedule is always overbooked, their drive time too far, and products are just not made like they used to be. 

Large service organizations have discovered how, through the use of best practices, to streamline the process and hold technicians accountable; actually improving employee morale and productivity. These “best practice” tools have been designed into ReliaServ; streamlining your process so the technician can focus on “fixing the customer” instead of writing cryptic messages on a service ticket only to have the data processing clerk leave out the part about a “two tech job” requirement.

ReliaServ streamlines scheduling by client location, supports multi-tech jobs, improves first call completion with the prescreen button, allows transactions (such as parts ordering, appointment scheduling) from mobile devices, customer credit card payments, and analytical reporting of all technician key performance indicators.

Reliable Softworks wants your service department to be profitable.

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