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System Requirements

RSW Appliance

Reliable Softworks supplies, configures, maintains, and supports the RSW Appliance. Manufactured for Reliable Softworks by Dell, Inc., located in Round Rock, TX; the RSW Appliance utilizes Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • Minimum:  2GB RAM for Windows, 4GB for Macs
  • Windows: 1GHz or faster CPU, Mac: Intel-based (Core 2 Duo for Mountain Lion)
  • "Always On" network access to the Server
  • DHCP-provided addresses are OK for workstations
  • High-quality graphics cards with at least 128M video RAM
    Video resolution of at least 1024 x 768
  • Some screens (e.g. reports with charts and most "help" screens) require "always-on" internet access
  • TCP/IP supported
  • Preferred LANS at 100Mbps
  • For multiple sites, site-to-site communication at T1 speeds or better (1.5Mbps, ideally in both directions)
  • A fixed IP address from your internet service provider, or a router that supports Dynamic DNS
  • TCP and other ports configurations are discussed prior to setup.
Mobile Devices
  • Android: Gingerbread+ compatible
  • iOS 5.0+ compatible
  • Check with Reliable Softworks prior to use of current mobile devices or purchase of additional mobile devices.

Printers Preferred Setup:
  • Printers must not be shared from workstations.
  • Printers used by more than one person must be on network print servers; the name convention must be the same on all systems using them.
  • Laser printers instead of inkjet printers. Laser printers typically print several times faster and require fewer toner cartridge changes.
  • For day-to-day use, monochrome (not color) printers will outperform color printers. Color printers are OK for printing price tags, brochures, etc., but for higher volume print jobs, such as sales orders, we strongly recommend monochrome laser printers.
  • Barcode Label Printer - Reliable Softworks supplies a custom configured, high output label printer.
  • Barcode Scanners - For receiving & taking inventory: Reliable Softworks supplies a pre-configured iPod touch with a scanning sled. Check with Reliable Softworks prior to use of current scanners or purchase of additional scanners.
  • Point of Sale - Most USB scanners capable of reading Code 39 (modern barcodes) and sending the information to the host computer in a keyboard emulation style. Check with Reliable Softworks prior to use of current scanners or purchase of additional scanners.