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Increasing Service Call Efficiency

Increasing First Time Completes and Decreasing Cycle Times

Aren't these the things you want to see your service department working on? What tools have you given them to make these things happen? If you are using ReliaServ your service team will have the powerful tools they need to increase productivity and actually achieve the goals you have set for them.


In most operations a new service order is entered by a non-technical customer service rep or sales person. The prescreening functionality allows an experienced technical staff person / manager to review all new orders, inputting changes or suggesting service options; adding "expertise & experience" to make service calls more effective, increasing one-trip efficiency.

Pre-trip Review

Review the service call specifics before the tech leaves. Are the parts in, do you have the right tech(s) assigned? Correct errors and missing parts before the tech leaves, not after the tech arrives at the customer's location.

Prescreen Your Service Orders

Pre-trip Review