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Without strong serial number control you can't have the inventory management you need to eliminate costly product mistakes and delivery the consumer experience your customers expect. Reliable Softworks has the strongest yet most flexible serial number control capability in the industry. Every important piece of data is integrated in ReliaSale and ReliaServ allowing you to make the specific product connections you need: specific model to customer order, customer record to specific models purchased, service record of any product, basically any transaction involving a product. No matter the number of inventory transfers, movements to a store or partner for display, returns, repairs, warranty work, or truck locations; all will have a complete history, online and in real-time, so you can access the information you need in only a few seconds.

When a customer order is created your sales team can pull a specific item from an inventory location and assign it to the customer's order. The product is easily scheduled for delivery or store pickup and can be transferred between locations, as required, with a simple scan. If on a purchase order for a customer the serial number will be automatically attached to the customer's sales order when the item's label is scanned on receipt. This also automatically updates all other parts of the system so the delivery team knows the product is in house and on hold for a particular customer; the shop service (gas configuration, door swing adjustment, etc) team knows it is available for configuration. Any work performed or changes to the order will be recorded and travel with the serial number / model as it moves between inventories or stores and is ultimately delivered to the customer's location.  If the product is returned and resold the serial number follows the product during all transactions. For warranty service or return-to-vendor you will never have to search down the customer, repair, or issue history; it is all available from nearly anywhere because the serial number control system pulls everything together. In seconds you can supply the necessary information for payment to you or return of a product.

Reliable Softworks also gives you the ability to assign an internal "serial number" (QLN) to items. This can be used as an internal identifier for serialized items or as an identifying number for items that normally don't come with a unique identifier. This is useful if you want to track usage, for ordering purposes, but don't need to track history.

Assigning serial number and QLN codes is important to track the actual / landed cost of an item. You will know the exact date a particular item was ordered, when it arrived, what your cost was, what expenses were added to the product's cost. This is the only way you will know your real margin on the products you sell.

Reliable Softworks goes the extra mile to make sure you make money.

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