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Sell By Description

Rather than using a model number or SKU, sales staff can now search for, find, and complete a sale based only on an item’s description. When sales staff search for a product the search result will display ‘in stock’ items first (with quantities) and the out of stock items at the end of the search. The desired product can be automatically added to a sales order with one click. Searching for a description can involve a phrase, just one word, or multiple words, anywhere in the description. For example, a search for the phrase “white leather couch” will bring back all the items containing that phrase in the description, whether that phrase is at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the description. 

SEARCH BY DESCRIPTION - after opening a sales order the sales person can search for product by description. Type in the search box and the system starts searching.

SEARCH FINDINGS - after the search, results will be displayed with in-stock items displayed first cascading to items with nothing in inventory.

ADD TO SALES ORDER - by clicking on the 'Brown Box' the item will be automatically added to the sales order. This example shows 48 in inventory.