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Quoting & Sales Features

Quoting & Sales


All data exports to Excel
Attach options/kits to lines
Auto printout of terms and conditions
Auto pull inventory
Auto-complete model drop down list
Change customer info after order taken
Check refund request to office
Completely paperless transaction
Credit card integration
Credit card signature capture
Customer details screen - "everything",  including quotes, orders, invoices,  
products, service contracts, returns, payments, repair service, statements, surveys, messages, and customer
Customer order links to purchase
order, and purchase order links back to customer order
Discounted price printouts
Duplicate quotes with one click
Email orders / quotes with one click
Extended Service Contract (ESC)
attached to purchased products
Estimated delivery dates
Extended warranty/service contracts
attach to specific serial numbers
Multi-company / multi Federal ID
Find any order / quote by client,
product, category, location,
salesperson, etc
Google earth routing integration
to save fuel
Google style search box to find
Hide discount on receipt printout
Hide models on receipt printout
Hide prices on receipt printout
Identify quotes converted vs. quotes
not yet converted
Internal notes/messages
Live store and group inventory on
item entry screen
Lot style quick entry screen, scan
and go


Low margin warning indicator
Mobile sales person via tablet or smartphone
Mobile everywhere, all functions available on mobile devices
Multi locations
Multi quantity lines
My Reminders, follow-up notes with action
One-click quote to order
Order summary screen
Payment log
Percent discount button
Post office address verification
Print out quote/order receipts with "no model numbers"
Print out quote/order with "total price" only, no line item  details on client copy
Product information button
Project Partner Referral reporting
Quick cash sale
Quick invoice
Quick link to inventory
Quick link to purchase order
Quick pickup sale
Quick scan entry
Rapid checkout using scanner
Reprint order
Reseller tax exempt tracking
Retail deck integration
Sales order messaging system
Sales tax reporting
Sell ESC’s after initial sale; linked to original serial number
Sell extended Warranties after initial sale
Service contract discounts
Signature capture for orders
Split deliveries or pickups
Tax exempt transaction tracking
Total order margin summary
Track floor planned inventory
User defined "customer notices"
User logs on every screen, tells you who changed it
View customer purchase history from order
View customer service history from order