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ReliaFurniture for Independent Furniture, Mattress, Home Goods & Appliance Retailers

ReliaFurniture adds the functionality needed for inventory-centric retail dealers that sell items using Packages (items sold together), Add-Ons (items that have options or attachments), and items that are ‘Sold by Description’ with no SKU or model number. ReliaFurniture is an integral part of ReliaSale and thus the furniture, mattress, or home-goods retail dealer can take advantage of the expansive inventory, delivery, and reporting capabilities available in ReliaSale. Of course retail dealers who don’t sell furniture, mattresses, or home-goods can also take advantage of these new ReliaSale capabilities. In comparison to some basic functionality in legacy POS systems ReliaFurniture functionality is extremely easy to use and, of course, as with all Reliable Softworks modules, ReliaFurniture can be used on mobile devices (Apple iOS or Android).

ReliaSale Furniture offers inventory-centric retail furniture, mattress, and home-goods dealers the following new capabilities:

  • Packages – retail dealers can create Package SKU’s (some retailers refer to ‘Packages’ as ‘Kits’) which are groups of items always sold together such as a mattress, boxspring, and frame: or a couch, loveseat, and ottoman. Packages can be easily searched for by sales staff and put on an order with one click. Reports will track the number of packages sold and the margin/profitability of each Package. Packages are easily created and named by just listing the SKU’s you want in the package and clicking on the button called ‘Create Package’. Sales staff can enter one SKU and the entire furniture package (e.g. sofa, loveseat, ottoman, and matching accessories) or bedding package (e.g. mattress, box, frame, delivery charge, comfort guarantee) shows up on the sales order.
  • Add-Ons – items sold with other items or items sold with options can be “grouped” for display to the sales person and reporting in ReliaSale. These ‘Add-On’ items (also known as ‘Attachment’ items by some retailers) are displayed when an item with Add-Ons is entered on a sales order. These Add-On items can have scripts attached to them so the sales person can make suggestions to the customer. For example, when a washer is displayed options and other ‘Add-On’ items are displayed including scripts for the sales person to suggest purchase of the options, for example: “I suggest the stainless steel fill hoses; they have been proven to prevent flooding due to rubber hoses bubbling because of cheap imported materials… "; or in the case of furniture with optional finishes, “You can get the walnut finish for the same price…”; or items that match the original item in some way, “Would you like the matching tables and lamps to go with your new sofa?”.Additionally services can be an ‘Add-On’, “Would you like the deluxe delivery service which includes assembly and removal?” ReliaSale will report on the Add-Ons that have been sold with an item. Add-Ons’ can be other SKU’s, services, or non-inventory items.
  • Sell by Description – rather than using a model number or SKU, sales staff can now search for, find, and complete a sale based only on an item’s description. When sales staff search for a product the search result will display ‘in stock’ items first (with quantities) and the out of stock items at the end of the search. The desired product can be automatically added to a sales order with one click. Searching for a description can involve a phrase, just one word, or multiple words, anywhere in the description. For example, a search for the phrase “white leather couch” will bring back all the items containing that phrase in the description, whether that phrase is at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the description.