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Items sold with other items or items sold with options can be “grouped” for display and selection for the sales order by the sales person. These ‘Add-On’ items (also known as ‘Attachment’ items by some retailers) are displayed when an item with Add-Ons is entered on a sales order. These Add-On items can have scripts attached to them so the sales person can make suggestions to the customer. For example, when a washer is displayed options and other ‘Add-On’ items are displayed including scripts for the sales person to suggest purchase of the options, for example: “I suggest the stainless steel fill hoses; they have been proven to prevent flooding due to rubber hoses bubbling because of cheap imported materials… "; or in the case of furniture with optional finishes, “You can get the walnut finish for the same price…”; or items that match the original item in some way, “Would you like the matching tables and lamps to go with your new sofa?”. Additionally services can be an ‘Add-On’, “Would you like the deluxe delivery service which includes assembly and removal? ReliaSale will report on the Add-Ons that have been sold with an item, as well as the profit margins on that sale. Add-Ons’ can be other SKU’s, services, or non-inventory items.

CREATING ADD-ON RELATIONSHIPS - to create an Add-On relationship go to the item and add other items you want to be listed as Add-Ons. You can create Add-Ons one at a time or import a list. You can also indicate a 'Start Date' and and 'End Date'. You can also indicate whether you want the original item to be an Add-On for the Add-On item you initially entered; this is called a 'Two Way' relationship.

CREATING ADD-ON SCRIPTS - Add-Ons can each have a specific script to prompt the sales person on what to say to encourage the customer to purchase the Add-On.

ADD-ONs IN A SALES ORDER - When an item/SKU is entered or scanned onto a sales order and it has Add-On items attached to it the 'Add-On' button turns green. Items/SKU's with no Add-Ons will have a red 'Add-On' button.

SELECTING AN ADD-ON - By clicking on the green 'Add-On' button you will see the list of available Add-Ons. Click in the 'Select' box and then on the 'Add Selected Lines to Order' button on the bottom left to add the Add-On item to the sales order.

SELECTING AN ADD-ON - The Add-On item is now on a line in the sales order and because the 'Two Way' relationship was selected the 'Add-On' button for this item has turned green. Once the sales person is done adding Add-Ons the order can proceed through the remaining steps of payment and scheduling a delivery or pickup.