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RCloud Implementation

RCloud is Reliable Softworks point-of-sale solution, ReliaSale, and field service solution, ReliaServ, hosted in the cloud as on-demand applications. All ReliaSale / ReliaServ software features are available in RCloud, including Mobile Everywhere, so users can manage every aspect of their business from their iPhone, iPad, Android device, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile Phone.

RCloud users can also use ReliaTerm, a browser based ReliaSale application for sales people designed especially for RCloud. ReliaTerm allows sales people to conduct sales, schedule deliveries, and take payments on a tablet or smartphone eliminating the need for workstations and laptops for sales transactions.

RCloud Implementation - Visit RCloud Store

Seven (7) major steps:

  1. Deposit for system purchase; based on number of users - individuals who are assigned a username and password, and granted permissions to access functions and features by the system administrator.
  2. System Setup - Reliable Softworks sets up an Amazon cloud instance of ReliaSale/ReliaServ, configuring the number of users, and populating the system with the customer's data and business / configuration details.
  3. Data Conversions -Reliable Softworks converts the major files of customer's current digital data and imports this data into ReliaSale / ReliaServ. Conversion files include customer list, sales inventory, parts inventory, and sales history files.
  4. Reliable Softworks configures productivity devices configured to work with ReliaSale / ReliaServ, including: wireless scanners, barcode printers, credit card swipes, 3rd party software (if desired).
  5. Reliable Softworks ships peripheral hardware to customer location
  6. Customer and Reliable Softworks completes implementation and tests system operation.
  7. Customer goes live

You can purchase all of these items by clicking at the RCloud Store.