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Retail dealers can create Package SKU’s (some retailers refer to ‘Packages’ as ‘Kits’) which are groups of items always sold together such as a mattress, boxspring, and frame: or a couch, loveseat, and ottoman. Packages can be easily searched for by sales staff and put on an order with one click. Reports will track the number of packages sold and the margin/profitability of each Package. Packages are easily created and named by just listing the SKU’s you want in the package and clicking on the button called ‘Create Package’.

CREATING A PACKAGE - Add the items you want in a Package and then 'Enter a Package ID' to create the Package. Packages can have a name, in this case 'Skyline Serta Package' or a SKU number.

- After the sales person selects a customer and confirms the information the sales person can select a package by entering the package SKU or the Package Name. As the sales person starts typing, in the search box, results will start to display. The sales rep then clicks on the green circle for the desired package.

FILLING IN THE SALES ORDER - Selecting a package will automatically enter the line items of the package on the sales order. The sales person could then print or email the sales receipt to the customer. Receipts can display the Package price, or, if desired individual item prices . The sales rep would then continue to process the Package order like any other sales order, taking payment, and scheduling delivery or pickup.