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New Customers

Excellence Is An Art Won by Training...*

Reliable Softworks prides itself on using a personal and hands-on approach to implement each new customer. Reliable Softworks includes the following in every new customer implementation:
  • Data Conversion - the Reliable Softworks staff will take your historical customer and current inventory data and convert them into your new system.
  • System Integration - Reliable Softworks engages in a comprehensive process to configure your business rules into your ReliaSale / ReliaServ systems. This setup is performed by Reliable Softworks staff.
  • Training - The Reliable Softworks training team offers on-line training or will come to your site(s) to train your team. While giving everyone training the Reliable Softworks staff will also use a train-the-trainer approach with key staff to help you build the internal knowledge base you will need to take full advantage of ReliaSale / ReliaServ functionality. The number of training days depends on the size of your staff and business operation; training varies between 6 and 12 days.
  • Deployment -  your new system will be operational the day after training. Reliable Softworks staff will be there to assist, and reinforce best practices.
  • Additional Training and Support - is available, for a fee, on-line or at your site to assist with the adoption of ReliaSale / ReliaServ.
  • System Performance Monitoring - the Reliable Softworks systems engineering team continuously monitors every customer's system. The Reliable Softworks team is pro-actively adjusting performance and responding to issues, often long before you realize there was something happening. 
  • Consulting Services - change is difficult and Reliable Softworks understands the many issues around the deployment of a new system. Reliable Softworks consulting has decades of experience successfully operating retail and service operations and has developed knowledge transfer tools to bring this knowledge and industry best practices to your team to ensure a successful implementation.
* Aristotle