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Inventory Features


Add to existing PO
Auto include on "every order"
Auto-pull inventory
Brand translator
Buyers screen with min/max
Inventory aging report
Inventory as of a date report
Inventory location and sub-location
Inventory messaging system
Inventory report by brand
Inventory report by status
Items needed list
Items not available report
Manage bulk/lot style inventory
Model activity report
Move inventory locations using
 quick scan
Multiple cost fields
Order based on run rate
Order by best sellers
Purchase lists by delivery date, expected
 date, vendor, model, customer, or order
Partial inventory scans with move
Purchase order messaging system
Purchases automatically linked to
  customer orders
Receive mixed PO delivery in one step
Receive shipments from purchase
Scan inventory cycle counts
Scan inventory receipts
Scan outbound deliveries to capture
  serial numbers
Serialized inventory
Shop services needed
Track brand warranties
Track serial numbers
Transfers needed report
User can choose to include floor
  models as available inventory
View items needed by location