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Sept 2013
CPA Practice Advisor gives ReliaSale a score of 4.75 out of 5 in its annual review of point of sale solutions. To read the review click on 2013 Review of Point-of-Sale Solution.

Sept 2013

RetailDeckTM integration: For retail dealers who have subscribed to use a Retailer Web Services website and / or data feed package, ReliaSale will now open RetailDeckTM from within the ReliaSale order entry screen, the Sales Inventory view, and the ReliaSale Product Manager. The following information will update automatically: any new models, RetailDeckTM selling prices and 3.0 URL, UPC code, Warranty and Rebate Info, Install Guide, Energy Guide, Dimension Guide, competitor pricing, and the RetailDeckTM image URL. NECO retail dealers who utilize RetailDeckTM and version 12 ReliaSale, the following information will update automatically: buying group quantities, buying group costs, and retail deck selling prices. Buying group inventory quantities will appear next to all sales order lines, purchasing screen lines, and in all sales inventory inquires. 

July 2013
Direct Product Profitability functionality added to ReliaSale. Retail dealers can now know their real profitability after all credits and expenses are applied. Direct product profitability can be seen by model, category, brand, location, sales person, customer location, or by individual sale. Download An Introduction to Direct Product Profitability for the Inventory Centric Retail Dealer  to learn how inventory centric retail dealers can make more money as noted by Elly Valas of the Nationwide Group in the August edition of The Retail Observer.

June 2013

Reliable Softworks announces the Sales Order Application Programming Interface (API) to automate the download of orders from websites and webstores directly into ReliaSale. The completion of an order on the website will automatically create a new sales order in ReliaSale. Reliable Softworks also announces the availability of the ReliaSale Inventory API which publishes the retail dealer’s inventory to the dealer’s website; ensuring product quantities and availability are up-to-date. The availability of the Sales Order API and the Inventory API will allow the retail dealer to turn their website and webstore into a fully functional customer self-service / sales person assisted order entry system.

May 2013
On the 'List Deliveries' screen, clicking on the details button, opens a new window; the original search is maintained on the first window. ReliaSale and ReliaServ will now offer unlimited property ID's for sales and service orders. SO's can now show unlimited location identifiers including building, floor, etc.; each unique identifier can have individual contact names, phones, and emails. Complete unique location sales, delivery, and service histories are kept forever.

April 2013

March 2013
ReliaSale and ReliaServ now have ability to retain pictures, document files, video files, and create sound files. Insertions are date stamped, have title availability, and unlimited description field. Insertions can be associated with a specific sales order or service order and are also affiliated with a specific customer.

Released ReliaTerm, a browser based application. ReliaTerm brings all the ReliaSale functions a salesperson needs to their tablet and smartphone - iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 8, even Blackberry; and, of course, workstations and laptops. Write and edit sales orders, schedule deliveries, get customer info, look up products, check stock, take payments, even run your daily cash-out report...all from anywhere you and your customer happen to be.

February 2013

RCloud brings all the Reliable Softworks products to the cloud. RCloud offers all the features of ReliaSale and ReliaServ and eliminates the need for on-site hardware and maintenance, and many intra-store networks. Most importantly RCloud, with low one-time setup and monthly charges, is extremely affordable for the small retail dealer and provides the larger dealer with a truly productivity-creating solution and cash flow protection. There are no hidden fees; visit the RCloud Store and see for yourself.