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ReliaSale gives management the tools to create commissions based on profitability, brand, category, and "full payment". Management can change commission amounts on specific transactions, and If products are returned the system will do a retraction calculation recouping the commission; basing new calculations on the amount actually paid (the negative commission value will match the original commission paid). It is impossible to pay a commission twice even if you have overlapping program periods. Any item selected as “not to be paid” automatically shows up for payment on subsequent reports.  All commission reports are exportable to Excel or can be printed as a PDF.


Internal Spiffs
If your company takes vendor spiffs "in house", ReliaSale has internal spiff reporting supporting minimum sell price as a condition for the spiff. Start and stop periods can be chosen in advance, and a simple import tool makes it easy to update the program codes. Internal spiffs can identify "hit list items", to focus your staff on profitable pieces and give management the option to set a minimum sell price to receive any bonus dollar rewards. 

Vendor Spiff Reports
Push-button reporting for vendor paid spiffs provides staff members with everything they need to claim vendor spiffs online.  Management can determine if salespersons can run this report, or if it is management only. The report can be run with or without cost/margin information. 

Extended Service Contract Reporting
Extended service contract sales are reported and rewarded using dollars or percentages, with a fixed, or sliding, volume based rate scale. Extended service contracts are "attached" to items and may be sold at the time of initial purchase or afterwards. 

Invoiced Line Reporting
Many firms review and reward total / period performance rather than paying commission / spiff on any specific sale. The Invoiced Line Report gives you the detail you need; it summarizes ALL revenue transactions. This report has push-button summaries to facilitate payment of commissions, bonus, or rewards by salesperson, business partner or zip code profitability, performance by brand, and marketing results by media type. All data is easily exported to Excel giving you even more flexibility. 

Spiff Reports by Invoice or Brand

The Spiff Report By Salesperson By Brand

Invoiced Lines Report Part 1

Invoiced Lines Report Part 2