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Unfortunately, the story in service operations is often the same; the operation is losing money, but the clients say they are being over-charged. The most common reason? Too many steps in the service ticket life cycle.  The most frustrating event for a customer service manager is receiving an angry call from a client who had received a call informing them their service call was being rescheduled because the part had not arrived. Even worse, is when a client calls the store and the service team says “Oh, I see, the part just came in today.” (yeah right!!). The frustration is often caused by the manual “updating” of the service ticket status; the only way everyone else can know what is happening. Since most operations have a paper system, there will be a number of people writing on service tickets, with a separate person doing the data entry. Service operations can have 2-4 days of work awaiting data entry because the papers had to be moved between staff.

ReliaServ Auto-Status Update is a real-time, with automated status changes based on specific conditions in the service order. This reduces the process from as many as 15 steps to 5 steps for the service ticket life cycle. In ReliaServ nobody ever has to update status, the system does it automatically!  Any user can check the status of a job and clearly see “parts in”  or “waiting for parts”, or “complete”. This status update never requires user intervention. 

Many ReliaServ customers have been able to reduce support personel in their service department by 50%. With instant access for all users to vital job status information, client communications improve and the service department makes money. 

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